Naples Beach and Golf Club

Martinis at Campiellos

Martinis at Campiellos

King Crab Legs at TruLuck

The best dinner I have ever had!

1 lb king crab legs

Happy Birthday Kristina from Kristina:)

Ride home in 2009 Royal Royce!!

A first for me:)

Our wheels, Royals Royce

BMK, need we say more

Fun in the sun

Lunch at the you have a boat?

Do you have a boat?

My new home:)

The ghetto of naples, 54 million!

The ghetto of naples, 54 million!

Dinner at La Playa

We'll get kicked out of here for sure:)

Happy Birthday again!

Our last cocktails at Sunset Beach Bar

Can I rent the garage:)